Brett Loebel Digital Marketing Skills

Technical SEO

  • Provided technical SEO for clients. Even without the advanced digital marketing techniques, technical SEO enhancements often provided clients significant SERPs benefits. Technical SEO work performed included:
    • Ensuring friendly URL’s and creating proper siloing
    • Establishing methodology for ongoing optimization of meta tags and attributes
    • Ongoing review of Search Console errors. Eliminating robots.txt/sitemap conflicts, broken links, improperly set redirects
    • Load speed audit and suggested fixes up to and including CDN recommendations if appropriate
    • Develop web, social, and promotion tracking mechanisms to analyze successes of marketing efforts

Relevant Content

  • Guided clients to develop highly readable and relevant content that most closely describes their products and services. Helped create various onsite written content in several forms including:
    • Case studies
    • FAQs
    • Blogs
    • General on-page content

User Experience

  • Influenced clients to strengthen their websites’ overall user experience leading to lower bounce rates and increased time on site.
    • On-page widgets such as calculators, comparison buttons, surf reports, more
    • Easy access to information, pagination, and intuitive navigation structure
    • Ensure credibility
    • Managed mobile responsiveness

Content Marketing & Outreach

  • Create and distribute content to the most receptive audiences at the best time and place to engage with them.
  • Maintain Editorial Calendar
    • Excel Document stored in Google Drive
    • On-going article pitches with a list of 25 topics
    • Analysis of third-party publication and competitors
    • Three-month publication schedule for blog and newsletter
    • SEO keyword compilation
  • Maintain Content Calendar
    • Excel Document stored in Google Drive
    • Used to visualize how content will be distributed throughout the year.
    • Allows client to schedule, promote, publish, assign, tweak, track, and analyze content.
    • Assure that content is always ready in plenty of time to publish and maintain a consistent flow.
    • Create proper time gaps and methodologies for recycling previously developed content.
    • Content is created in multiple forms. Not just blogs and videos. Additional content creation may include:

Public Relations

  • Systematized Press Release schedules for several clients
    • Audited content to ensure maximum pickups
    • Embedded all allowable links, videos, and images
  • Educated clients on the importance of credibility through third-party validations



  • Increase domain trust by designating and implementing company-wide backlink building strategies using proven and acceptable white-hat methods. Top areas of focus include:
    • Social sites
    • Video sharing
    • Local / citations
    • Industry specific
    • News channels
  • Interact and engage on those platforms


Social Media / Social Signals

  • Created, upgraded, or revamped company’s social media strategies to ensure consistency in messaging and a fully bolstered ongoing engagement procedure.
    • Designated contingencies
    • Suggested maximum timeframes for replies
    • Coached clients to post content that creates discussion
    • Instituted a minimum amount of content that clients’ should share weekly via social media

PPC Management

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign setup and optimization of Google AdWords, Bing and SEM through ongoing testing of ad copy, landing pages, bidding strategies, sitelinks, callouts and more
  • Augmented existing PPC search campaigns with Dynamic Search ads, Dynamic Remarketing ads and Product Listing ads
  • Daily analyses, adjustments and results reporting

Shopping and Feed Management (Amazon, Google, EBay)

  • As a digital marketing specialist, managing clients’ expectations has become a true aspect of proper transparency, honesty, and feedback. Occasionally, clients with small websites and small budgets have unrealistic expectations about being able to sell their products on their own website despite massive competition from huge corporations.
  • One such option for these clients is to post their products on Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay. With proper optimizations for each of those channels, we can assure that the clients products will be seen by prospective customers.
  • Depending on the product niche, other sites might work well also.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Monthly reporting is no longer acceptable. Analytics are now part of a daily routine as marketing costs are too expensive to allow unnecessary marketing money being spent
  • Automated triggers, including 24 hour texts are developed for the most mission-critical scenarios such as site hacks, downtime, or other unusual activity



Search and Digital Marketing Specialist