Reputation Management

This may seem so obvious to the reader of this blog. I apologize for stating something so self-evident that many SEO do-it-yourselfers might have the need to post something such as “No S$it Sherlock!.” But I’ve run into this issue now for the second time and felt compelled to write about it. This is the first level. This is tech support asking you whether or not your computer is plugged in.

When you create multiple web presences for the purpose of reputation management, you must SEO each of those presences separately. Even Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will not automatically rise to the top of the Google search page unless they also have strong SEO. Your blogs must have SEO. Your YouTube videos must have SEO.

Don’t know where to begin?

Start by bookmarking your posts. Let Google know they exist. Here are some great dofollow sites to begin your social bookmarking:

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