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Move 6 Colonial

Upload Locations to LOCAL Citations








Google My Business, Bing Local, and Foursquare allow for bulk uploading of data for all locations. Yelp does bulk listings for a fee. citationsOtherwise it’s a long tedious process, but can be done cheaply by outsourcing.

In addition to the above, the most important free listing citation places:

Yahoo! Local

Or pay to use one or more data aggragators such as Yext, Axciom, Neustar Localeze, and Moz.

Create the multiple locations on Facebook.


Move 5 Colonial

Each Location Page Should be UNIQUE






To easily create unique content for the locations, describe each city and neighborhood. For example, mention nearby landmarks, parks, festivals or other things near the location that makes it unique as compared to the other locations.

Mention the big cross streets and public transportation nearby such as subways, bus routes, etc.

Use unique photos of local points of interest. Or even better show photos of employees with short bios. Videos are even better!


Move 4 Colonial

Local Pages Need Updates to be Found

Need to take advantage of these nationwide locations.

Ideally, each location would have it’s own website with separate content and details. But initially these tasks listed below must be fixed in order to get local results.


Meta tags need fixing to reflect the location.

Map is generic and not specific.  This will not lead to results and may have no value.


Local maps should have the business listed onGoogle Maps:



Old Content Ranks Better

Do Older Domains Rank Higher than New Domains?

Yes, yes, and yes!  I’ve been buying domain names since 1999. Many have been dormant for years. But as long as I keep paying the annual fee, I still own them.

What is amazing is that when I take these domains out of retirement and start using them for various projects, VIOLA! They seem to be magical domains — ranking significantly higher than a similar domain purchased now.

Even some of my un-seo’d websites from years gone by slowly creep up the Google ranks — a phenomenon that can only be based on age, as there hasn’t been new content for 5+ years.

Google “Choosing a Web Host That Can Accommodate Your Business.”  My website (bizsession) ranks #1. Why?  The article was written 6½ years ago! It is almost obsolete now.

Google “The Importance of Regular Backups for Your Business” – again, top ranking for an obsolete article. In fact, my obsolete articles from 6+years ago rank higher than my new, ultra-relavent articles. Google Likes OLD!

Learn from this strategy! Looking for a new domain? Why not opt for an older, recycled domain. There are more than two-dozen websites selling old domain names for as little as $29.

Reputation Management

This may seem so obvious to the reader of this blog. I apologize for stating something so self-evident that many SEO do-it-yourselfers might have the need to post something such as “No S$it Sherlock!.” But I’ve run into this issue now for the second time and felt compelled to write about it. This is the first level. This is tech support asking you whether or not your computer is plugged in.

When you create multiple web presences for the purpose of reputation management, you must SEO each of those presences separately. Even Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will not automatically rise to the top of the Google search page unless they also have strong SEO. Your blogs must have SEO. Your YouTube videos must have SEO.

Don’t know where to begin?

Start by bookmarking your posts. Let Google know they exist. Here are some great dofollow sites to begin your social bookmarking:

Tricks with Inbound Links

Cool Inbound linking Strategy

We’ve all been told that inbound links are critical to a website’s PR ranking. But chances are, the inbound link may not contain the keywords you are really seeking. You can’t really control how other people link to your pages. Or can you?

If you are in communication with the inbound site developer, you can simply ask them to change the title of the link.  You may even provide  the link text ready-made. For example:

Please link to this page: <a href=””>Brett Loebel, SEO Marketing Specialist Resume</a>