Old Content Ranks Better

Do Older Domains Rank Higher than New Domains?

Yes, yes, and yes!  I’ve been buying domain names since 1999. Many have been dormant for years. But as long as I keep paying the annual fee, I still own them.

What is amazing is that when I take these domains out of retirement and start using them for various projects, VIOLA! They seem to be magical domains — ranking significantly higher than a similar domain purchased now.

Even some of my un-seo’d websites from years gone by slowly creep up the Google ranks — a phenomenon that can only be based on age, as there hasn’t been new content for 5+ years.

Google “Choosing a Web Host That Can Accommodate Your Business.”  My website (bizsession) ranks #1. Why?  The article was written 6½ years ago! It is almost obsolete now.

Google “The Importance of Regular Backups for Your Business” – again, top ranking for an obsolete article. In fact, my obsolete articles from 6+years ago rank higher than my new, ultra-relavent articles. Google Likes OLD!

Learn from this strategy! Looking for a new domain? Why not opt for an older, recycled domain. There are more than two-dozen websites selling old domain names for as little as $29.