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Duplicate Content

Don’t believe what they tell you!

Google does not punish you for duplicate content. Really! There is no punishment for duplicate content.

The Google algorithm, however, does not like spun content because it makes it appear that you are using black hat techniques to fool Google.

But, if you own a carpet cleaning franchise and all your franchisees have the same website, except for an address, phone number, and directions, there will be no punishment from Google.

Instead, Google looks for relevant and unique content. The Chicago franchise of your business may display in Chicago search results, whereas all your other franchises may not appear. It may at first seem that you’re being punished for duplicate content. However, Google is simply displaying a variety of content and will display only one of your many similar websites. It will display the one it feels is most relevant to the person searching.

I often see this issue with people that try to create multiple iterations of their website with extension. Although they are trying to get the first and second position on Google. They will often see only one of those two domains appear.  Google is not punishing for duplicate content. Google is simply displaying a variety of content and doesn’t want the same thing repeated within its results.

If the second website –the .net site has completely unique and separately written content, Google will proudly display it near the top of the search results.

IE Saves Gif

The use of different Image file formats is a restriction on website design.

AlthoImage of Internet Explorer Logough the majority of users support GIF, JPEG, and PNG (with restrictions), Internet Explorer is the major party-pooper here, not fully supporting PNG’s advanced transparency features. Thus, web designers are restricted to still using the almost obsolete GIF format. Thanks to IE, GIF continues to be the most widely used graphic file format for transparent images.